A Truly ‘United’ Holi Celebration

When I first read Cheri’s post for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Community, the image that immediately flashed to my mind was the most unusual ‘Holi‘ (the Indian festival of colors to usher in spring) that I celebrated this year…

holi2A Canadian hockey teamate sporting a riot of colours as my Indonesian colleague looks on!

Holi normally is a day of boisterous merry making! Tossing dry colours to the skies, squirting colored water on each other,  dunking friends in (mud?! :D) coloured splash pools amidst teasing and laughter, throwing water balloons on unsuspecting targets….its all part of the game. Burra na mano…Holi hai! meaning ‘Don’t mind, its Holi‘  is the phrase that reverberates everywhere.  It is a day which unites merrymakers across social, cultural or economical boundaries.

My Holi this year crossed the boundaries of nationalities too, as I got to celebrate it on foreign soil with my colleagues and friends, many of whom were not Indians.  The feeling of home away from home….that of community was just so strong! Anytime I look up these pictures, the unadulterated joy, the music and dance, and of course, the colors sing in my heart again.

holi3A Kenyan friend caught unawares on the dance floor by a water balloon missile!

holiAn Asian colleague dunked by his own son.. with some help from his officemate!

holi5Cooling it off…..

holi8Drenched, tired but happy….the merrymaking community.

Lets me know what you think of this colourful  celebration of life!

13 thoughts on “A Truly ‘United’ Holi Celebration

  1. Preeti….. Is it you? I couldn’t believe that I found you in wordpress….. I just saw the photo of me, when I open your blog …. I didn’t have any idea that it was you.. anyway, it is nice pictures. My first holy and it was awesome….

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