Weekly Photo Challenge : JOY

Daddy's Little Princess

Daddy I may find my Prince, but you will always be my King.

 This time for the Weekly Photo Challenge Michelle, from ‘Daily Post’ wrote “This week, let’s set ourselves up for a happy new year: share a photo that shows us JOY”.

I happen to be with my parents this weekend and am feeling like a five year old spending time with them, specially my Dad. He has been my hero long before I even understood what the word meant. He has always been there for me. A few steps ahead of me holding my hands while teaching me how to walk… a few steps behind me, to catch me incase I fell while I ran ahead, and then, always besides me as my pillar of strength, as I faced the world, confident that I could take it on. Even today, time spent with him is as joyful as it was when I was a scrawny little lass. So this week’s ‘JOY’ is dedicated to my Dad… and to all the father-daughter duos of the world. May we all continue to have joyous times, like this happy little girl clutching her Dad’s hand, knowing ‘All’s well with the world‘!

Happy Holidays & Happy New Year everyone!

P.S. This shot was taken at the St. Mark’s Square at Venice. a great place for crowd watching. I just loved the way people milled around apparently with no purpose than to be happy and content with life.

10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : JOY

    • Happy to have brought the joyous times you spent with your father to your mind again! I cherish every moment that I get to spend with my Dad and Mom…especially since I got married!

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