Weekly Photo Challenge : Beginning

“The morning sea of silence broke into ripples of bird songs;
and the flowers were all merry by the roadside;
and the wealth of gold was scattered through the rift of the clouds
while we busily went on our way and paid no heed.” – Rabindranath Tagore

A new start

A new beginning…

Cheri’s photo challenge this week brought to mind the lines above penned by the immortal Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore. They are an excerpt from his poem ‘The Journey’ published in November 1912 as a part of ‘Gitanjali’ or Song Offerings by the India Society of London The original poem was in ‘Bengali’ a regional Indian language, which he himself then translated into English. I have a copy of ‘Gitanjali‘ that was gifted to me some years back. The beauty of his words move me everytime I turn its pages, I am forced to stop and take stock of how I want to live my life.

A new year has begun and already I see people around me continuing with their frenzied pace of life. Where are the new beginnings we all promised ourselves?! Look around, new beginnings are taking place everywhere…make a new beginning of your own!

P.S. This shot of a new Calendula bloom was another one from my lazy afternoon photo shoot at my parents garden. Cee’s recent photography tips were at the back of my mind and well… I feel happy with the results! Other entries to Weekly Photo Challenge can be found here.

P.P.S. An update!! Another entry…because of the story behind the photo, can be found at ‘A Beginning For Me’.


19 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Beginning

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  3. The weekly photo challenge I could handle for sure. Last year I attempted the 365 challenge and missed a few days and then I finally gave up in October. Is there a group doing the weekly one or are you just doing it for yourself?

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