A Beginning For Me

“The only way you can be the best at something is to be the best you can be.” 
― Susan Beth PfefferLife As We Knew It

Whilst I was experimenting with the new cam that my husband gifted me, we went on a safari vacation to Kenya. I went shutter crazy at all the wonderful shots of nature in the range of my lens and took tons of clicks, experimenting with various camera settings. After the vacation,  friends and acquaintances wanted to know what all we’d done, “Did you see the Big Five?”, “How close did you get to the Lions?”, “Are the Buffalo really that dangerous…they look soooo harmless?”, “Did you really stay in tents?! What about plumbing?!”

Speed is my need...being unruffled my way of life.

Speed is my need…being unruffled my way of life.

I showed everyone many of the shots we had taken, including an incredible video of a pride of lions feeding!( a story for another time…). Curiously, the shot that was an instant favourite wasn’t of the big five, but this one… of a beautiful female Cheetah.

 So, when I got this urge to blog, to share my photography, this was always on my mind. But being new, I wanted to ‘settle in’ so to speak, wait for the right ‘moment’ before posting it as it’s so special to me. This challenge made me realize… I choose the moments! I know by standards of advanced photography it may not seem much, but to me it was the first shot that brought an immense sense of satisfaction and pride. So here it is a ‘Beginning‘ for me…

19 thoughts on “A Beginning For Me

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  4. Beautiful capture of the Cheetah. I have always wanted to go on Safari. I have always been mesmerized by the wild big cats all of them.

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