Masai Mara Pride

Lion Cub Masai Mara, Kenyan Safari

“Innocence does not find near so much protection as guilt.” – Francois de La Rochefoucauld

 ‘Animal Fur’ is no style statement.

Capturing the big cats with a camera…I fear the day when our great grand kids may not be able see these majestic creations of God, just because WE were indifferent to their survival in a world where WE humans have encroached most of their habitat…further…for all those who think wearing ANIMAL FUR makes them a ‘Style Icon‘ think what you are actually doing to this beautiful world around you…

P.S. Masai Mara, Kenya is definitely on my Bucket list of places to visit again. This shot is one of the many I took there, trying more photography tricks. My husband and I were literally fighting over who gets the cam! Finally, we settled for sharing the handy-cam and ‘The Camera’ turn by turn….I cheated and held onto IT the most…with him struggling with the handy-cam.

Or so I thought…I was patting myself on the back for this shot of a regal lion cub,….but he trumped me with the video folks! Whenever I look at the photo I feel the ‘magic‘ of that morning again…. and whenever I look at the video, the playfulness of the cubs brings a smile to my face. Enjoy!

P.P.S (not again!) Posted in response to Daily Prompt: Style Icon and Day 6 of ZeroToHero…still a day late, trying to catch-up! Also thanks to for the sounds for background score put together for the video.


12 thoughts on “Masai Mara Pride

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  4. seem to be very lucky in finding this big pride….and surely it must have been a wonderful experience shooting them….it’s awesome…great going..God bless….

    • Why thank you kind Sir! But can’t hog the credit…the photo is mine but the video was shot by my husband (he seems to have a knack for these kind of things!). And yes, we were lucky as we had this ‘encounter’ on the last day of our Safari….

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  6. Holy crap! I was fully expecting to see a movie of you waving from the couch or playing stickball on your road. Not a cool video of lions. You should have mentioned the lions in your forum post then people would be flocking. Good work! Now what else you got?

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