Quacky Quirk!

It’s serious business…this Rubber Duck racing, it is!

rubber duck racing, Knysna waterfront, quirky traditions

Rubber Duck Racing at the Knysna Waterfront – A quacky quirk!

rubber duck racing, knysna waterfront

Quirky?! It’s a time honoured tradition I tell you…

P.S. Shot taken at the Knysna Waterfront, South Africa. Apparently, ‘Rubber Duck Racing‘ is an annual holiday feature there. It was interesting…so many grownups behaving like kids! Eyes glued to the bobbing yellow duckies, keeping fingers and toes crossed…’Oh please! Oh please! Let mine win!’

Quirky?? Definitely! Cute?? Beyond words! I thought it would fit nicely with today’s Daily Prompt:Quirky

16 thoughts on “Quacky Quirk!

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  2. Oh gosh, I haven’t thought about rubber duck races in more than 20 years! When my son was about about 5 or 6, we went to see the duck race in Ottawa at the Rideau Canal. It was amazing to see the dump truck release 50,000 ducks into the water – a joyful yellow cascade. Great post for the quirky topic for sure.

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