Hue & Oh My!

A less colourful life is not always less interesting…

secondhand books old

‘Old is still Gold’…a secondhand book market

gramophone player sale

The one that got away! A vintage gramophone player at a yard sale…

OK! A very very bad attempt at punning (is that even a word?! ) on the idiom ‘Hue and cry’. But I was (again! ) blog blocked for a title…but I think I fared slightly better in my attempt trying photography on monochromatic(?!) hues. I wanted to see if even without a riot of colours I could still connect to my subject. End of the day, a Eureka! moment??…maybe not…. but I was still happy folks!

P.S. Shots were taken with my pocket Sony digicam while on a trip to Kerela, India. I found the secondhand book market while travelling to the train station at Kottayam. The vintage gramophone was lying at a roadside yard sale we stopped enroute to the Allepey backwaters. I regret not picking it up now…but then the haggling was too much for me! Day 14 Zerotohero? Done!


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