Animal Farm & Pinku Gang-2

chameleon colourful

Posing for the shutterbugs…

chameleon colourful

A Colourful Personality

Chamy was not happy. She’d just started on George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’ in her spare time as the Zoo’s star chameleon. Her heart was in a turmoil…her shades changing with each emotion..

“Why should I put myself under Man’s scrutiny day after day…”, a peep of indignant red showing.

Why, they but put me on Page 3 only once a week and  none of the juicy stuff that the grimey Lioness there gets either. I think I’ll go on a strike (but not a hunger strike…size zero is no longer fashionable!). Let me see….Yes! No more colourful posing for ManKind!” And Chamy promptly turned a chary blue much like her mood.

Meanwhile Gabby, the parrot, dropped in. ” The lioness is planning to put up quite a show. Apparently the BollyWoe Amatuer Fotugraphy club is touring today. Indiana Shah’s going to be there…he’s likely on the lookout for the cast of his next animal flick, ‘Pinku Gang-2‘ . Queen ‘Dix It’ needs new supporting cast it seems. I’d be sure to preen when he comes to MY neck of the woods…“, and he flew on to gab some more.

Hmmm….”, the thought of Indiana Shah seems irresistible. “Maybe just this once…. Acting IS about shades of character after all and I do have a better repertoire then that Lioness…

Chamy promptly shed the blue and blossomed out into a fetching pink that was her forte.

After all Orwell did say, ‘All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.’ didn’t he now ?!”

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda. besides George Orwell, “The Gulab Gang” starring Madhuri seems to be hovering in my dysfunctional brain today!

P.S. This shot was taken at our luncheon stop near the Mara River, Keyna. While others were busy with the hippos, I found this belle perching not far from us.


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    • Thank you

      …as for the lens…no pro stuff…I have just picked up the camera last year and am using the Canon Powershot SX50…the macro and zoom were on manual setting and I took a ton of shots before I got a few right …fortunately ‘Chamy’ here sat still pretty cooperatively!

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