Weekly Photo Challenge:Family (??)

abandoned beggar old lady

Family?? I think I had one once. It seems such a long time ago, when I was young and able… and of some use to them…

This week The Daily Post Photo Challenge asked us to show family. As a budding photography hobbyist I jumped at the chance to go out and shoot some fresh pics. The subject in hand sounded so upbeat and positive! The busy pedestrian marketplace that I chose for that day’s photoshoot was teeming with families…..children hankering for icecream ( in this biting cold! ), mothers indulging their whims, fathers giving shoulder rides to grinning toddlers…But, in this island of gaiety a sight stopped me short….

It was this old lady.

Sitting in the center of a busy junction, she had a vacant look on her face….it wasn’t just physical discomfort, though it was biting cold. It was an utter sense of abandonment…and yes, she was begging. I never felt so sad, angry & helpless at the same time. In a world where social fabric is unraveling everyday the meaning of Family seems hollow for those abandoned when they need one the most. No pain in this world can compare to the desolation of being abandoned in old age by your children…

I’m sorry… but I just couldn’t post even a single capture of those happy families after seeing her…

P.S. Can photographers dissociate from their subjects after capturing their shots? Should they? I couldn’t stop thinking about the lady even after I got home…am I contributing to such a callous society?


18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge:Family (??)

    • I know the feeling, it’s the first time these questions on photography have bothered me…erstwhile I was happy to share the feelings that my subjects emanated as they were possibly all positive ones

  1. Powerful and thought provoking post. When a photo stays with you, it is a strong one. Even if the subject is painful or upsetting. It makes one feel something.

  2. Well done! This picture and your understanding of it (which I couldn’t agree more!) could well be a model to highlight and address the issues the senior citizens face in the country.

    • Thanks! I’m not a social activist or a ‘samaj seva’ crusader, but just sharing what I saw is my way of creating awareness on the subject…how there is a growing disconnect of the younger generation with their elders, due to materialistic approach. I value my parents very much…but this shot always makes me feel maybe not quite enough…it has made me strive to be a better daughter.

      • Preeti, you take some wonderful pictures, and you know that. You don’t have to be a social activist to send a message across, and you hadn’t taken that picture with an objective in mind. You had a moment there and you captured it, but the picture came out with a strong message written all over it. I personally felt it! See, I’m very close to my parents, and I know what abandonment can do to them or us when we become them in future. Thanks for your response!

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