Inner Peace

reflections lake backwaters kerela India

A tranquil mind reflects the beauty around you…

I love Kung Fu Panda.Foodie

If you think I’m a nerd, well… what took you so long to figure it out??! I also love sci-fi remember??!

I identify with the Panda on so many levels! Beneath all the funny stuff lies the teaching that balance in life is what gives us strength and brings us peace of mind. And once we find peace of mind everything is right with the world. So is inner peace achievable? Or like the ‘World Peace’ of numerous Miss World, Miss Universe Pageants is it only a fable, a dream, a line to be spouted in random blog posts?! I don’t know. sacred poolHad I known, then I’d have patented it by now and probably won international acclaim…bought an island in Fiji, retired at a young age to a life of contemplating inner peace while sunning on my 100 foot yacht. But what I do know is it can’t be achieved if you are constantly at war with the world. Tough times can be life changing. For good or for worse is what you make of it.

And I think I may have guessed the secret ingredient for your ‘inner peace’ soup…it’s You!

P.S. The shot was taken early morning on the Vembanad Kayal Lake in Kerela backwaters (India). I only had my small Sony digital camera at hand but all in all I think I managed to capture the essence of a calm peaceful morning…Daily Post prompted us to put up a shot showing ‘Mirrored‘, I think this goes well with that…the Panda pics courtesy Google search.


12 thoughts on “Inner Peace

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