On ‘Yellow’ & Photo Challenges

“How wonderful yellow is, it stands for the sun.” – Van Gogh

I’ve joined ‘A Word A Week Photo Challenge’ by Sue Llewellyn at A Word in Your Ear. Photography is about getting inspired. And though I see aplenty everyday to inspire me to click away, being a novice blogger I sometimes find it difficult to post all that I click…’What to base my post on?? How to categorize it?? Should I post it?? Is it even worth sharing it??’ Plagued by self doubt I was rescued by the ZeroToHero team ( as its been the case for sometime now!! ) who encouraged us on Day 22 to try another blogging event….so I did! Also the team on Day 23 asked us to try a ‘Roundup’. So am going to tell you about some photography challenges that I’ll be taking on. The first one’s is Sue’s.

A Word A Week Photo Challenge: Sue just pops open her dictionary every Tuesday. And viola! A word from the page makes it to the blogosphere to inspire us all….to post a photograph, poem, story – whatever the genre one likes best to describe of what that word means to us.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: The second challenge that I’ll be posting for shortly is hosted by Cee Neuner at Cee’s Photography. She has a gamut of photography challenges. ‘Which Way’, Black and White’ and ‘Fun Foto’. And this brave brave lady sure likes to shoot. Though her weapon of choice is a camera! Check them out maybe you’ll like stuff just like I did.

The good thing about these challenges is that those who chose to pickup the gauntlet have other participants visiting their post. Sue reblogs those that really catch her attention, and Cee drops by on ALL to leave her (nice) comments…All in all, a win win situation I’d say…you get to share your posts and see some great ones in exchange! And the challenges sure throw a curve once in a while…

P.S. The shots above were taken at my parents garden. My dad’s crazy about roses and Mom indulges his whimsy while taking care of the other plants in the nursery.


13 thoughts on “On ‘Yellow’ & Photo Challenges

  1. Preeti, stopped by to see your blog and am I glad? This is a wonderful blog. Honestly i had been thinking of the zero to hero thing too… cause i haven’t been blogging regularly since past six months or so. am glad that you had the dedication to stick to it. Loved your posts. will keep coming . Thanks for having JAWC on your blogroll 🙂

    • I just started blogging in Dec 2013…sticking basically to the daily post weekly photo challenge…then ZTH came along I learned so many things..met some wonderful people and have been on the roll since…Thanks for dropping by and looking fwd to more from you soon!

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  3. Your photos are gorgeous! I love photography so as soon as i saw the word a week challenge i jumped on it! How are you finding Zero To Hero? I’m pretty new to blogging, started at the beginning of this month as a goal for 2014, so far im loving it and definitely loving finding all these wonderful blogs to read!

    • Thanks Sarah! As fellow ZTH blogger it feels nice to connect with more and more people in the blogosphere…though the ZTH tasks these past few days have been a bit repetitive, but then sometimes surprises abound! I think quite a few of us ZTH bloggers joined the ‘Word a week’!

  4. Well first of all – great quote from van Gogh (“How wonderful yellow is, it stands for the sun.”) Oh baby! And I also love your slideshow – so many variations of yellow you were able to capture in nature – with different flower angles – and it was just so nice and artsy! I also agree with you on how Cee drops by to encourage – sometimes her likes were some of my first and they were so edifying!

    Oh, and it looks like you have enough challenges to keep you busy, but if you ever stumble across something in 3’s or with a triple angle, my little goal for the coming year was to post something in triple shot each Friday – and I was hoping to have a few others join in – so out that on your radar as you peruse all these creative ideas. Oh, and thanks for dropping by my blog too – 🙂

    • Thanks! Though I wasn’t aiming at ‘artsy’ when I took these shots …but it just happened so! And the triple shot Friday already is on my radar…just that I haven’t found something…lets say interesting enough to do justice to it yet…but will keep you posted. And my reader keeps tab of all your posts so there you go!

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