Figure out ‘Small’

ocean blue figure

“Small can be a matter of perspective. Go figure!”

Nature puts a perspective to everything. Things that look impossible, problems that seem huge, life that feels as if running at a breakneck speed……all are dwarfed when faced with the serene blues of a calm ocean on a bright sunny day.

Thanks Sue (A Word a Week) and Cee (Fun Foto Challenge) for your weekly inspiration! I think I’d be a cinematographer if ever associated with a movie 😀 always behind a camera, that’s me!…thanks for asking Daily Post.

P.S. This (candid) shot was taken at the one of the multitudes of beaches along the garden route, South Africa. The guy seemed so relaxed and happy! Also ZeroToHero being over, calender bound postings are taking a toll *sigh* needed a reminder to go looking for sunny blues…


30 thoughts on “Figure out ‘Small’

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  5. really wonderful photo – there is something extra special about the darkness of the rock, with those ripples in the water and then the mountains, clouds and then the rest of the sky….and of course the man soaking it all up! this is truly a special shot. 😉

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