roses, flowers, valentine

The miles of ocean between us only amplifies the echoes of our eternal love…

I love flowers…all flowers.

At times because of our jobs, my husband and I haven’t been together on Valentine’s, twice even on our wedding anniversary it was unavoidable. But my darling hubby has always ensured that his love reaches me. Every time gorgeous fragrant red roses have been delivered to me…every petal of every rosebud has been treasured, my love! Missing you, my funny Valentine.  I’m Smitten as ever…

My husband of six years has also realized over time that he can get away with anything, if followed up with a beautiful bunch of smiling Gerberas… with a stick or two of luscious tube rose thrown in!

P.S. These roses were delivered to me a couple of hours before the stroke of twelve on Valentines Day, sent by him even though he is somewhere in the middle of nowhere due to office work…See what others have treasured this week in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure


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    • He is too sweet for words Tina…if I featured everything that he does then there’d be no room on this blog for anything else 🙂 Infact, I started this blog because of one of his gift only…my beautiful camera.. 🙂

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