Textured Captures: Sands of Time

“Write your troubles in sand & carve your blessings in stone.”

Day One of my series on ‘ Texture ‘

Though I believe my hard work  😀  is what makes my growth as a budding photographer happen…yet I can’t discount fate has a strong hand in putting me in the way of beautiful shot settings. Here are three shots from my shoebox that just happened along the way. Stay tuned for more in days to come!

P.S. Seaside vacations  (oh so few and far in between the daily drudgery…)  have given me hours of funtime with my camera.  Photographs taken in my wanderings on the beach at Goa & Havelock. Cee once again has given a fun filled challenge. Checkout it out.

19 thoughts on “Textured Captures: Sands of Time

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