Textured Captures: Set in Stone

“Write your troubles in sand & carve your blessings in stone.”

Day 2 of the Series ‘Texture

Old architectural buildings offer much to a photographer. I’d take these rugged old stone carvings over the straight clinical lines of modern architecture anyday. Here’s the next installment of the textured captures series. Featured here are the tomb of Sikandar Lodhi and an intricately carved wall at Qutub Minar.

Apparently Sikandar Lodhi was a very capable ruler in administrative terms, yet his biggest flaw was his religious intolerance. His cruel diktats and harsh policies towards Hindus overshadow his contribution to Indian history as a ‘Good Ruler’ . The pretense of a ‘Good Emperor’ can’t stand the reality of hundreds of temples, and with them the hopes and blessings of so many decades, being razed to ground in his time.  Anyhow, enjoy the virtual trip to the era of Emperors.

P.S.  You can see my Day1 post on the series here. Cee the fun continues!!


16 thoughts on “Textured Captures: Set in Stone

  1. Those carved walls are amazing, and I love old buildings like that. Too bad about religious intolerance, though, you are right, that’s not a quality of a good leader. Thanks for sharing and greetings from Egypt!

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