Age is but a number

A is for ‘Age’

Attitude to life...'Age is but a that doesn't bother me...'

Attitude to life…’Age is but a number…one that doesn’t bother me…’

“Oh maybe 70-75”, he said when I asked his age. He doesn’t remember when he was born, no birthdays ever celebrated. The wrinkles on his face tell a story of life’s hardships. He’s raised five children working on the street, all of whom abandoned him for better avenues once they were able enough. He lost his companion his wife to old age and the bitter winters some years back. But he hasn’t forgotten how to smile. The wrinkles say ‘old’ but the toothy smile and his twinkling eyes say ‘Alive!’

He was delighted to have his photograph clicked…”I’ve never had one taken”, he said. “You are clicking this, maybe it’ll be put somewhere nice .”  So to kick off my new challenge, here’s to the indomitable human spirit I saw in this man.

Alive and kicking....

Alive and kicking….

A- Age…Alive… Attitude !

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