Explicitly Entertaining!

E is for Explicit

Strange but true...we did find a pair of them resting under our car!

Strange but true…they like hiding under the cars!

This elucidating signboard had us in incredulous splits till we actually peeked under the car to discover a jolly pair of African penguins resting there! An entertaining spectacle ensued as we tried to shoo them out with some success as they waddled away to the shelter of the adjoining vehicle. Photograph taken at Boulders Beach, Cape Town.

E – Explicit…Elucidate…Entertain.

P.S. Sue’s A Word A Week is ‘Sign‘ this time around. Checkout other great entries here.


8 thoughts on “Explicitly Entertaining!

    • We were so busy laughing at the peculiar sight that we forgot to take any snaps….eventually I went back to capture the signpost at least…:D

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