WPC: Do the ‘Twist’!

I’ll admit it…I am a thrill seeker at heart !

I am addicted to action. Soppy romantic movies ( ‘The Notebook’ , for example) maybe a good one time watch, but I can see ‘The Quick & the Dead’ umpteen number of times…. The tension! The drama! And adrenaline packed sequences! I hope you are getting the gist…

Even in real life, action packed events always draw me like a magnet. So recently during a nice quiet ‘family oriented visit to a cultural village things were, lets say, sedentary, till I stumbled upon this daring act. The siblings here put on a surprisingly ‘Wow’ show. The younger one balancing out on the rope to drumbeats from his elder brother, pausing midway on the rope to perform variations. This Maverick Act was the ‘Twist‘ that made the evening very memorable.

P.S. Shot during a visit to Chokhi Dhani, a chain of food and entertainment resorts steeped in Rajasthani culture.


5 thoughts on “WPC: Do the ‘Twist’!

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