A ‘Tree’ like no Other

“Imitation is the best form of flattery.”

'Fooled you didn't I !'

‘Fooled you didn’t I !’

Masai Mara’s rolling grasslands offers one many many amazing sights…seeing the ‘Big Five’ – The Lion, African Elephant, Cape Buffalo, Leopard and Rhino- is a life changing experience.

However I was really amused to see this antenna tower in the middle of the unending greens. There are several towers across Masai to provide coverage to the natives around there. But the ‘twist‘ to this particular antenna standing tall in the middle of a plateau is that it doesn’t look like one. It is disguised as a very very very tall tree. Infact so real is this ‘tree’ that weaver birds are fooled into making their ball-like nests on it’s metal branches! The metal fence around the tower is meant to keep out the elephants from using it as a back scratching post! Kudos to the company that put it up in this fashion to minimize the human footprint in this beautiful nature reserve.

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8 thoughts on “A ‘Tree’ like no Other

  1. this tree is great – and that imitation quote has been coming up in my life all month – and I love it – and also – hey there is nothing new under the sun, now is there! and I agree – kudos to the company for this win-win idea – have a nice day! 🙂 ~y.

  2. Oh no there are more of them out there! We have the same concept in UAE except the towers are disguised as really really tall palm trees 😛 I understand having to disguise them in a nature reserve but when you see one in an urban jungle it really looks out of place, especially when they’re next to real palm trees 😛

    • Haha! I’ll admit that seeing one in an urban concrete jungle would be surely out of place…and the craftsmanship matters too. This one here was quite realistic, the weaver birds were surely fooled..if you look closely at the branches you can see the little nests there…also this one had no competition from any real trees close by!

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