Surprise Surprise!

“The unexpected will find you once you stop looking for it.” – Me 😀


“You didn’t think I’d do THIS did ya!”

I was chasing these little furballs at the Lodhi Gardens for a closeup shot  to no avail. Tired, I plonked my self on a garden bench to have a bite of my chocolate. And lo and behold! I was soon surrounded by a hovering bunch of squirrels eyeing it! Some soon became bold enough to hop all over me in search for a chocolaty titbit…My wish was granted and my first thoughts were the words above. I took some nice closeups. (Posted twice earlier at WPC &  GGM ). See what others came across unexpectedly.


16 thoughts on “Surprise Surprise!

  1. this was such cute post – short but you still gave us the energy and fun feel of what photographers do to “get the shot” – which in this case came to you – and by the way – love the quote…
    ““The unexpected will find you once you stop looking for it.” so true so true….

    • Thanks Y! The words are personal tweak on an actual ‘quote’ by Eli Khamarov , “The best things in life are unexpected – because there were no expectations”. 🙂

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