Terrific Tuesday Trials Challenge

Ladies and gentlemen! Introducing…( drumroll please! )

‘Terrific Tuesday Trials Challenge’

Terrific Tuesday Trials at LenzExperiments

There are several photo challenges hosted weekly on various WP blogs and I’ve spent numerous hours participating in many of those since I started blogging. I’ve learned new things. My experiments with the camera have varied. Most of the time I have focused more on the subject than the technical jargon behind the shots. It’s been a journey of discovery, one that still continues… In the next step on this journey I am hosting a weekly feature called ‘Terrific Tuesday Trials Challenge’. I’ll be sharing my weekly experiments around a theme. You all are welcome to climb aboard my ‘Eureka’ wagon!

The Lab Instructions

1. A theme for the challenge will be up every Tuesday.

2. Grab your cam, go out and experiment…or root around your shoebox…you have all week till Monday.  The aim is to share with each other shot(s) taken in the spirit of experimentation, or those that gave you the ‘Eureka‘ moments.

3. Create a post with your shot(s). Give some history to the shots…I’d LOVE to hear what made them special to YOU. (This is aim plus folks…just putting up the shots will do too!)

4. Add a link to your post in my comment box of the weekly post & share your discoveries with the world. To help me and everyone else reach your post easily title it Terrific Tuesday Trials: ‘Theme’.  Triple T tag would help too.

I’ll drop by your post for sure. And in the subsequent week’s post I’ll feature the exceptionally inspiring experiments. You’ve already seen the Challenge badge/token, feel free to save and put up! Looking forward to some lighting strikes folks…



P.S. For more challenges checkout WordPress’s Blog Event Listing


20 thoughts on “Terrific Tuesday Trials Challenge

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  5. what a great idea Preeti – and I look forward to joining in – and there really was not anything for Tuesdays so this is a cool idea. However, I do want you to know that I am getting ready to take a long break from blogging just for summer and to rethink the focus of it when I return (because on July 2nd, I hit the one year anniversary of blogging on WP and so I am ready for a change….)
    but this is a cool idea…

    • Thanks so much Y!

      But I will very much miss your support when you take the break…..However I look forward to the change that seems eminent from your words….good luck finding the direction you want to take as you approach your one year anniversary 🙂 *Blog hug* Cheers!

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