Terrific Tuesday Trials: Bedazzle

This week the theme for Terrific Tuesday Trials is ‘Bedazzle’.

A little bedazzled by it all...

Indians LOVE bling! It’s true…specially during weddings. Here’s a shot of an engagement ceremony ring tray all decked up to Bedazzle everyone, including the bride and groom to be 🙂 So dazzle us all with your take on the challenge in Week 2.

The first one’s done and dusted!! Thanks to you all Week 1 of Triple T has brought me in touch with some wonderful new blogs and I saw all the gorgeous photos that were shared. Trust me, selecting a few to be featured was a hard hard task. But…since its a challenge so here goes…

Drawing with Light: A beautiful shot in B&W. Vintage hues indeed.

Cee’s Photography: The cormorants, the ducks and the llamas are awesome.

CHRONICLES OF AN ANGLO SWISS: Love the shot angle on the lilies.

Funfamilyfeats: Great take on the challenge…difficult to say which shot is more aptly alike.

Serendipity: Regal swans make for regal shots.

Honourary mention for being the FIRST and the LAST entry to Triple T Week 1 respectively-  Hamburg und Mee(h)r : The 70’s charm in the alike poppies and Foto Challenge: What a collection of brides!

The Lab Instructions to joining Terrific Tuesday Trials at LenzExperiments.

1. A theme for the challenge will be up every Tuesday.

2. Grab your cam, go out and experiment…or root around your shoebox…you have all week till Monday.  The aim is to share with each other shot(s) taken in the spirit of experimentation, or those that gave you the ‘Eureka‘ moments.

3. Create a post with your shot(s). Give some history to the shots…I’d LOVE to hear what made them special to YOU. (This is aim plus folks…just putting up the shots will do too!)

4. Add a link to your post in my comment box of the weekly post & share your discoveries with the world. To help me and everyone else reach your post easily title it Terrific Tuesday Trials: ‘Theme’. Triple T’ tag would help too.

I’ll drop by your post for sure. And in the subsequent week’s post I’ll feature the exceptionally inspiring experiments. You’ve already seen the Challenge badge/token, feel free to save and put up! Looking forward to some lighting strikes folks…



P.S. Am travelling the next three days so please bear with me incase I don’t respond to your entries immediately. I’ll get to it as soon as am off the road 🙂


43 thoughts on “Terrific Tuesday Trials: Bedazzle

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  4. love the bling theme – and how cool that you have so many participants the first round – very cool. 🙂 and well, as I am waning down for a long break – I may not get an entry in – but I will continue to peek in not he entries and I am so glad to stay connected dear Preeti – 🙂 have a nice week – ❤ ❤ ❤ ~y.

    • 😀 You are such a support dear Y! Love it when you drop by to have a little chat. And yes I’ve been blessed to have so many fellow bloggers sharing their beautiful shots both weeks….BTW just saw your legs on the bull’s eye post…Wow! great share 😀

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  15. This was a fun challenge and you had some great photos to choose from. I am proud to be one of the featured posts. 🙂 Now I’ll have to see what I have for bedazzled.

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