Terrific Tuesday Trials: Candid Capture

This week the theme for Terrific Tuesday Trials is ‘Candid Capture.

“I try to look cute all the time.”

The fun part of photography is when you catch your subject unaware! Here’s a shot of a lynx taking a catnap…one had to get really close really fast really silently to get this candid shot before she woke up! One couldn’t resist doing this even at the risk of getting badly scratched (as the park attendant kept on warning earlier!) So for Week 3 of Triple T come up with shots where the subject had no idea you were shooting ’em 🙂 Am sure we’ll have very interesting shares!

Week 2 ‘Bedazzle’ left us with some bedazzling shots being shared! Here are some of them, enjoy…

 The New 3R’s Retire, Recharge, Reconnect: Swarovski! Such a dazzling close up shot!

Retirement and beyond: The post pic is a little small but once you click to open the photo’s link…Wow!

Nowathome: Mirrorwork merges with pottery..beautiful!

Cee’s Photography: Can’t help it! HAD to feature Cee’s beautiful Carousel shots…

Funfamilyfeats: Electrified beauty & liquid light in the last shot!

Honourary mention for Green Lizard’s Blog: Molten gold…nature’s dazzling treasures…a different take on the challenge indeed.

The Lab Instructions to joining Terrific Tuesday Trials at LenzExperiments.

1. A theme for the challenge will be up every Tuesday.

2. Grab your cam, go out and experiment…or root around your shoebox…you have all week till Monday.  The aim is to share with each other shot(s) taken in the spirit of experimentation, or those that gave you the ‘Eureka‘ moments.

3. Create a post with your shot(s). Give some history to the shots…I’d LOVE to hear what made them special to YOU. (This is aim plus folks…just putting up the shots will do too!)

4. Add a link to your post in my comment box of the weekly post & share your discoveries with the world. To help me and everyone else reach your post easily title it Terrific Tuesday Trials: ‘Theme’.  A Triple T’  tag would help too.

I’ll drop by your post for sure. And in the subsequent week’s post I’ll feature the exceptionally inspiring experiments. You’ve already seen the Challenge badge/token, feel free to save and put up! Looking forward to some lighting strikes folks…



Terrific Tuesday Trials at LenzExperiments


36 thoughts on “Terrific Tuesday Trials: Candid Capture

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  7. Oh such a marvelous joy to be featured. I’m doing the happy dance. I’m hoping that you can see me smiling 🙂
    Here is my entry for this week. I adore your topic.
    Congratulations on being featured on LenzExperiments challenge for bedazzled. 🙂

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  10. came back to check the theme for the week – sounds like a good one!!! I might have an entry – but if not, I will soak up some of the shares as they come in. Have a nice day Preeti!!!

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