NO WPC?!!What’s the Twist in the Tale?!

“Fate may make your Life take twists and turns but you go over these at the speed YOU decide, not Fate.” – Me

Life's twists and turns don't come with a signboard...

Life’s twists and turns don’t come with a signboard…

Alongwith countless others in the blogosphere, I await Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge eagerly..Alas! This Friday there was no new challenge…being an optimist I waited an entire Saturday before the reality hit me…

There’s NO WPC this week!

What’s happening? Where did this twist in my blogging tale coming from? WPC is a constant in my blogging journey, a rock solid certainty on which I started my blogging journey…my first post was a WPC post. So bring it back, Daily Post Powers-That-Be….please bring it BACK! In honour of the Weekly Photo Challenge here’s my ‘Bring WPC Back’  post this week.

P.S. Shot taken on the roadtrip to Jim Corbett National Park. I took this shot for the twisting roads but the triangular signboard added to the shot nicely.


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