Terrific Tuesday Trials: Dauntless

This week the theme for Terrific Tuesday Trials is ‘Dauntless’

dauntless (2000x1614)

“Let us not pray to be sheltered from dangers but to be fearless in facing them.” – Rabindranath Tagore

Here’s a cub, few months old, barely out of the crib…yet his attitude, his body language and above all his stare says, “I am dauntless…”.

We face so many challenges in our life. Some more intimidating than others. How we tackle them is what separates the leader from the herd. So, inspiring our children to be fearless in the face of challenges is one of the best life teaching we can give them. In week 4 of Triple T share shots that capture the spirit of being “Dauntless”.

Week 3 Candid Capture was to catch your subject unaware…It left us with quite a few cheeky entries from curious hens to cats curled at impossible angles…some great B&W of ‘Soul Capturing Photography’  and the all time favourite seemed to be candid clicks of tourists taking clicks 😀 ! Here’s the pick of the lot…

Foto Challenge: Now here’s a really cool candid capture.

A day in the Life: A lovely Polaroid-ish shot…Does the lady knows she’s being photographed or not? Take a guess..

Beyond the Brush Photography: Street photography experimentation.

Cee’s Photography: A hattrick…love the combo of B&W and colour candids. Checkout the lady lost in painting…

The Lab Instructions to joining Terrific Tuesday Trials at LenzExperiments.

1. A theme for the challenge will be up every Tuesday.

2. Grab your cam, go out and experiment…or root around your shoebox…you have all week till Monday.  The aim is to share with each other shot(s) taken in the spirit of experimentation, or those that gave you the ‘Eureka‘ moments.

3. Create a post with your shot(s). Give some history to the shots…I’d LOVE to hear what made them special to YOU. (This is aim plus folks…just putting up the shots will do too!)

4. Add a link to your post in my comment box of the weekly post & share your discoveries with the world. To help me and everyone else reach your post easily title it Terrific Tuesday Trials: ‘Theme’.  A ‘Triple T’  tag would help too.

I’ll drop by your post for sure. And in the subsequent week’s post I’ll feature the exceptionally inspiring experiments. You’ve already seen the Challenge badge/token below, feel free to save and put it up! Looking forward to some lighting strikes folks…



Terrific Tuesday Trials at LenzExperiments



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  3. Thanks for this theme Preeti. Have you ever seen a scene and thought “I need to go back there with my camera one day”. Thanks to this challenge I went back to this one the very next dayhttp://sonyavdg.wordpress.com/2014/07/09/terrific-tuesday-trials-dauntless/

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