Terrific Tuesday Trials: Entrance

This week the theme for Terrific Tuesday Trials is ‘Entrance’

Gates to Heaven

“Look on every exit as being an entrance somewhere else.” – Tom Stoppard

Sorry for the delay this week folks! Unexpected travel put a spoke in my weekly post yesterday. Well here’s this week’s challenge…The shot above was taken at Florence at the Piazza del Duomo which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has four amazing architectural gems: Santa Maria del Fiore CathedralGiotto’s Bell TowerMuseo dell’Opera del Duomo and Baptistery of St. John. The octagonal baptistery building has three sets of entrances made of beautiful bronze doors. Featured above is the east entrance done by Lorenzo Ghiberti and termed as “Gates of Paradise” by Michelangelo. So in Week 5 of Triple T share those shots of ‘Entrance‘ to you favourite place(s).

Week 4 was ‘Dauntless’ and we had shots of scary corridors, daunting staircases, difficult dance forms and undaunted squirrels. Here are the featured ones of the challenge. Enjoy!

Green Lizard’s Blog: Fearless farming..

NowAtHome: The things people do for a living.

Middleton Road: And things kids do for fun(?)!!

A Day in the Life: Dauntless little fella..

ThenIBloggedIt: In pursuit of beer!

The Lab Instructions to joining Terrific Tuesday Trials at LenzExperiments.

1. A theme for the challenge will be up every Tuesday.

2. Grab your cam, go out and experiment…or root around your shoebox…you have all week till Monday.  The aim is to share with each other shot(s) taken in the spirit of experimentation, or those that gave you the ‘Eureka‘ moments.

3. Create a post with your shot(s). Give some history to the shots…I’d LOVE to hear what made them special to YOU. (This is aim plus folks…just putting up the shots will do too!)

4. Add a link to your post in my comment box of the weekly post & share your discoveries with the world. To help me and everyone else reach your post easily title it Terrific Tuesday Trials: ‘Theme’.  A ‘Triple T’  tag would help too.

I’ll drop by your post for sure. And in the subsequent week’s post I’ll feature the exceptionally inspiring experiments. You’ve already seen the Challenge badge/token below, feel free to save and put it up! Looking forward to some lighting strikes folks…



Terrific Tuesday Trials at LenzExperiments



31 thoughts on “Terrific Tuesday Trials: Entrance

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  7. Thanks for the feature. My poor husband’s effort was rewarded! Think it was technically the bee that was dauntless based on what she was looking for in another dark passage of sorts.
    I’ll start thinking about the next one now!

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