Putting up some Love…

Cooking for love is the best kinds…

carrot halva gajjar halwa Indian dessert

The secret ingredient of every successful recipe is ‘Love’

A couple of days back I came across a blog via the zerotohero challenge. Steven Santos on Made by Steven: ~ Slow cooking from around the world, here in Japan reminded me just how much fun cooking really is. Continue reading

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow…

There is a Chinese proverb that I like very much. “Yesterday is History, tomorrow is Mystery, but today is a gift… that’s why it’s called the Present.” True words. But sometimes I feel that in our endeavour to move on we forget how precious the past is…the beautiful moments, the invaluable lessons, the great thoughts that are hidden in the folds of yesteryear’s faded pages. The way to move forward is to learn from what is past…as an individual, as a community, as a nation or as humanity. Think about it…

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Nominated?!! Moi….

OMG! Nominated for a blogger ‘AWARD’!

Patricia Moed at Pilot Fish has kindly nominated my blog for the Liebster Award, given to praise-worthy blogs with under 200 followers. Wow! Humbled. Firstly, by the fact that she thinks my photos and ramblings are worth a second look and secondly, by the fact that she thinks my efforts are praiseworthy.

“One can’t be on the topmost rung of a ladder from before, it takes time to reach it, to climb it, one at a time.” – Chirag Tulsiani
Thanks Patti for putting me on the first one…

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A Beginning For Me

“The only way you can be the best at something is to be the best you can be.” 
― Susan Beth PfefferLife As We Knew It

Whilst I was experimenting with the new cam that my husband gifted me, we went on a safari vacation to Kenya. I went shutter crazy at all the wonderful shots of nature in the range of my lens and took tons of clicks, experimenting with various camera settings. After the vacation,  friends and acquaintances wanted to know what all we’d done, “Did you see the Big Five?”, “How close did you get to the Lions?”, “Are the Buffalo really that dangerous…they look soooo harmless?”, “Did you really stay in tents?! What about plumbing?!”

Speed is my need...being unruffled my way of life.

Speed is my need…being unruffled my way of life.

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