‘Art’ is it?!! Why do I blog…

“The trail is the thing, not the end of the trail. Travel too fast and you miss all you are traveling for.” - Louis L'Amour

“The trail is the thing, not the end of the trail. Travel too fast and you miss all you are traveling for.” – Louis L’Amour

My love for photography is fairly recent.  Joyful shots of my family time were the pinnacle of my photography ambition with a handy little digital camera. At times I’d try a hand at my sister’s DSLR. Then one holiday season my husband gifted me a new camera…and with it a new perspective to everything I see around me. I guess he saw my inclination even before I knew that I getting hooked!

My collection of shots has been growing steadily…so have my experiments with camera settings. I am not too technical. Shutter speed, f stops and ISO settings still get the better of me most of the times. But occasionally, just occasionally I manage to surprise even myself. I try to keep my camera handy most of the times. Everywhere I look, I am automatically framing what my eyes see into a shot in my mind. Mundane things have turned interesting. Earlier a stop at the traffic light en-route home from my office was frustrating, now its an opportunity to whip out the cam and capture the frenzy of street hawkers plying their trade. An afternoon lazing in the sun turns to an impromptu photo shoot of the seasonal blooms. I am calm and yet more active at the same time! Just as photography is becoming about self growth for me, so is sharing this experience with others. Both are forms of expression that I feel keen to explore.

My hits and misses with the camera are what you, dear reader, can look forward to here. Also the shots I take, they tell me something new everytime I look them up. I love ‘new’… I also love to ramble. So you’ll find bits of stories and thoughts …ramblings actually connected to all this ‘new’.  And finally, no art form survives without criticism and admiration. (Yup! I have the temerity to call my capers withe the camera ‘Art’!) So, you’ll find some kind souls giving their valued opinions on my amateur work. I’m sure you’ll be joining them from time to time…roses and brickbats, all quite welcome. How else will I measure my growth! I think it will be one fun journey and look forward to similar kindred spirits coming along for the ride. I promise some interesting times! Cheers!

P.S. This shot was taken at the Kirstenbosch national botanical garden in Cape Town, South Africa. We spent an entire day there with a well stocked picnic basket, my copy of ‘To Kill a Mocking Bird’, an iPod of our favourite music and of course the camera. While strolling aimlessly we came to a brook bubbling away merrily in a secluded hollow. I couldn’t resist taking this shot of our feet… (actually I took several, but this one’s the best :D)


10 thoughts on “‘Art’ is it?!! Why do I blog…

  1. I like the photo of your feet – says relaxation and pleasure in life in a very poetic way. Also your reflections on how you’re starting to look at the world through a virtual viewfinder reminds me so much of me when I discovered digital photography.

  2. Like your fotos. Especially the ones with the flower boxes on the windows. But I myself am only an amateur fotographer. So I’m definitely not an expert. During the zerotohero challenge I found the “2Sojourners.com” blog which might be interesting for you. It’s a travel and fotoblog at the moment about China.
    Go on “knipsing” which means “shooting fotos” in german. Good luck and I will follow your blog.

    • Thanks so much! And I wouldn’t call myself as an amateur photographer even. As I said, photography is a recently picked up hobby…one that I try my hand at wherever, whenever I get the opportunity. I’ll be checking out your recommendation for sure…and will be checking out your ‘Knipsing’ section soon. Thanks again for dropping by and the follow…appreciate it.

  3. I do enjoy good photos of the natural scenery, and i am interested in what your neck of the world does look like. Feet may not be my thing; but the stones look cool to the touch. Nice start!

    • Oh dear! I just saw I’d left your visit unanswered. Sorry…the tribulations of trying to organize the blog are getting to me :D. Thanks! The stones were actually pretty cool though I did drive my husband crazy telling him to hold pose for a ton of shots 😀

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