CBM’s: Confidence Building Measures…

lifeguard Goa India

I stand therefore I AM!

Today’s ZeroToHero was about building up confidence. In our own abilities as bloggers and I guess also in our fellow ZTH bloggers. So I went back and visited yesterday’s Daily Prompt :YOU as interpreted by many of them. Here are some that I really liked …. More power to you all!






The Rant

I also used Google translate and found this interesting..(It’s in German…)

Luther’s Journal

P.S. The above shot was taken at a beach in Goa, India. The poise…the hand at the hip…the stance…all exuded  a ‘Don’t worry I am here..’ confidence to me.


4 thoughts on “CBM’s: Confidence Building Measures…

  1. Hi Preeti! Your titles do make you look like a very positive person! So you could be a great help to me as I move forward trying to encourage myself and others to have a great attitude! Thank you so much for coing by with encouragement! I love this post–the man does indeed look confident! I was actually a lifeguard as a young adult,and I was aware that half my job was to let the pool members know I was competent and confident enough to do what needed to be done to take care of them–then they could relax and have a good time! Your picture says it all! For a verbal person like me–that’s amazing! Helen

    • Thank you so much Helen! Am very verbal when it comes to speaking..but it all makes sense to my husband so 😀 but the written word eludes me quite a bit…the best thing was getting this cam as a present from him…now I find a photo to say things at times! And am not a born feel good positive person all the way through and through …I have my good and bad days…just that I try to focus on the positives…the blog also helps!

  2. How dare you. You have no right! That is private! Where you got that photo of me as a ripped life guard I’ll never know! I like the cut of your jib and your blog Preeti. Lets just say its ‘Preeti’ good!

    (Ok, you can be honest, how often have you heard that one before?)

    • There’s that (over??!!) confidence again 😀
      As for the ‘Preeti’ ….Oh you have Noooo idea! Especially from my non Hindi (our national language) speaking colleagues who think my parents misspelt it as a joke!

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