WPC: Work Of Art

Nature is the art of God.

While driving back from work everyday, I pass numerous red lights and traffic clogged roads. But a part of my route passes through a green belt. The lush green foliage is a treat for summer sore eyes. On lucky days I am treated to a glimpse of peacocks  sauntering across the walled gardens. This gorgeous bird is to me one of nature’s finest works of art. The metallic blue hues with long embellished blue and green tail feathers, each feather has the finest just-so brush work of Mother Nature. She truly works to  create God’s Art.

P.S. This week many others are sharing their version of a Work of Art in response to Michelle’s challenge in the Weekly Photo Challenge. Cee meanwhile had us sharing our shots of Nature Animals in her weekly Fun Foto Challenge. And for the first time I ‘ve given a shot to Yvette’s ( Priorhouse Blog) Triple Shot Friday with three varying shots of this beauty of a bird. Enjoy all other entries..there are several hidden gems there!


18 thoughts on “WPC: Work Of Art

  1. wunderful…i have seen them also fly and yes they can fly ,,,but they not smart enuff to do it , is ussually a fight er flight response to as why they end up flying is very kewl these birdz kewl shotz 🙂 Q

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  3. this is a wonderful entry for the post -wow – and the fence shot is my fav – but the trio give such a feel for the art – which is you note – nature is the art of God – whew – well said….

    • Thanks Y! 🙂 I love the fence shot too from the trio as it showcases the gorgeous tail feathers fully. And the ‘Nature is the art of God’ quote isn’t original :p just re-quoting Dante I am afraid…

      • Hey – I also wanted to say thanks for the PING and mention my friend – 🙂 *** blog hug in order**** ❤

        and also cool that you linked 3 in your triple shot post (Cee's blog and DP) – very cool. Well I just went and added an update to my blog – had to! have a nice weekend and you made my day!!

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