WPC: Split-Second Story

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

"Pull some strings...revive a dying art..."

“Pull some strings…revive a dying art…”

These handcrafted dolls are part of the ancient folklore tradition, that of the ‘Puppet Show’ . Story telling via puppets is now sadly a dying art in this fast paced IT, net crazy world. Children are glued to mobiles, iPads, play-stations etc. Once upon a time in not too recent past, a puppet show coming to town during summer vacations, or festivals was a much awaited event. No more now-a-days. Even in villages the influx of the television has hit this art hard. So much for sharing the lost legends of kings and their brave acts, or stories of the village smart Alec getting the better of the greedy merchant or the plots of thieves foiled by a gang of friends etc. etc.

*Sigh* Feeling sad wishing for the good old ‘Puppeteer’ to come across my street this summer with his bag of puppets and a bunch of new tales or even a split second story

P.S. Photograph taken at a heritage theme park.


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