Weekly Photo Challenge: One

PreScript. OK I’m being a bit sneaky! The Daily Prompt today on 14 January 2014 is ….you guessed it for photographers to show ‘ONE’…so re-sharing??! (can you even do that??!) this ONE photograph again while I go rooting in my shoebox for another …well…ONE!

See what I found in my shoebox here.

One with thy own self

From ‘Community’ for last week’s challenge to ‘One’ for this week, what a 180 degree turn around! Some of last week’s beautiful shots of nature photography were at the back of my mind as I contemplated which photograph to upload. Ultimately I chose this shot for the simple message that it seems to convey (at least to me!) …..that of being ‘ONE’ with our own self.


As the pace of our day to day existence increases, we take less time to spend with our own self. The job, the spouse, the kids, the extended family, the friend circle, the local charity group, everyone, everything wants a slice of our time. But unless we are at peace within, all other aspects of our life will get less than what they deserve.

So lets take time out, like our winged friend here in this click, to reflect, to reconnect and to become ONE with our inner selves. Peace out for now…

PS. This shot was taken at Lake Nakuru, Kenya last winter. It is a beautiful national park with some amazing migratory birds besides the pink Flamingos that throng the lake in peak season. On my list of places to visit again, and this time during peak migration 🙂 You can find more entries to this week’s challenge here.


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